The Utah Ophthalmology Society gets a Complete Website Redesign

utah eye mdsWe are proud to announce the recent completion of a website redesigning project for the Utah Ophthalmology Society (UOS). This marks the fourth website redesign for the Utah-based nonprofit organization and another milestone achieved by our business. Here’s a look on the project:

Easier Front End Use
The new web design consists of several Drop Down menus, more clickable options and summarized information linked to detailed web pages. This enhances the overall user experience by providing a better and easier front end use.

Joomla 3.4 Integration
Taking content management to the next level, the new UOS website is integrated with the powerful Joomla 3.4 upgrade. This open-source Content Management System (CMS) will allow the client to publish and edit all web content, articles, blogs and press releases with complete multilingual support.

Improved Responsiveness
The Utah Ophthalmology Society is the largest state membership association of Eye M.D.s. Eye M.D.s are ophthalmologists, medical and osteopathic doctors who provide comprehensive eye care, including medical, surgical and optical care. The mission of the Utah Ophthalmology Society is to advance the lifelong learning and professional interests of ophthalmologists (Eye M.D.s) to ensure that the public can obtain the best possible eye care.With the completion of this project, we have introduced mobile compatibility for the UOS website. The web pages can now be easily accessed and viewed on a desktop, tablet, or smart phone without fail.

Enhanced Performance
By connecting the front-end pages to a powerful backend processor, we have helped UOS provide customized and tailor-made support to all its members and visitors state wide. This includes easier access to interactive forums, articles and blogs, more resources and a secure and high-speed payment process.

Other Features
We have introduced new and improved features on the UOS website that will help it cater to the needs of its members. Some of the new features that we have introduced include, but are not limited to:

  • Member-submitted Job Postings
  • Interactive Forms
  • Searchable Ophthalmologists’ Directory
  • Events Registration Module
  • Membership Registration and Renewal Facilities
  • Secure Payment Gateway
  • Front end posting of all blogs and articles

Client Feedback
”ThatWorks! Design did a great job updating and making our website fit our needs. We are very pleased with the new features and ease of navigating throughout the website.” : Annette Mahler - Utah Ophthalmology Society (UOS).

To learn more about our quality web designing services or for a free evaluation of your existing web design, please feel free to contact us! ThatWorks! Design 801-742-1398


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5 Things to Avoid in SEO and Online Marketing

marketing mistakesFor small businesses in Utah, internet marketing can be a real minefield. There are no official dos and don’ts of online marketing. Similarly, there are no predefined strategies that will work wonders for businesses of all sizes and industries.

In the end, it is entirely up to you and your SEO team (or experts) to figure out what will work for you and what wouldn’t. However, there are some mistakes that every business needs to avoid, when engaging in online and SEO marketing. Here’s a look at 5 of the most popular mistakes people make in internet marketing (stay as far away from making them as possible!):

Having No Content Strategy Whatsoever
Before Google’s Panda algorithm updated last year, it was very common to come across a small, one-page micro-website on the first page of search engine results. This was due to the relative strength of the inbound link profile on these websites, rather than their quality. With Google upgrade, things have changes. Now the search engine promotes responsive and mobile-friendly websites with strong and quality content. Unless your web content quality is up to the mark, your business is unlikely to appear anywhere on the first page of the search results.

No Offsite Content Strategy Either
Strategic SEO link building campaigns works wonders in making your business an online success. This is because inbound links provide the heavy-weight factor for Google’s algorithm, highly-authoritative websites bring web traffic and more links can create more paths for potential customers and clients to find your website. Hire the best SEO services in Utah to get the full benefit of online marketing by an effective offsite content strategy.

Not Devoting Enough Time
Online marketing is a lot like a busy day at the Stock Market. If you are vigilant and view your investments time-to-time, you are likely to reap full benefits and maximize your ROI. Similarly, the volatile nature of all organic search rankings require that you continually monitor your website, update all content, introduce enough keywords and keep your website responsive with respect to all changes in technologies and new marketing innovations.

Failing to Prepare a Budget
There are several low-budget SEO firms that promise small businesses the highest SEO ranking at the lowest of costs. If something seems too good to be true, then it usually is. While some firms do deliver exceptional results, most of them provide web content in poor English with insufficient keywords. As a smart businessman, you should start with preparing an advertising budget and consider low-cost activities (such as guest blogging and social media marketing), before opting for a well-reputed SEO firm for the job.

Improper Workload Distribution
Online marketing is too vast and complicated for a single person to manage. To do it right, you need a team of experts and professionals for the job. Hiring in-house technicians and professionals is expensive. Instead, you can outsource your marketing department to a team of experts.

To learn more about the dos and don’ts of SEO marketing from a team of highly professional online marketing experts, please feel free to give us a call!


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The Perks of Having a Responsive Website

responsive web designWith the rapid changes in technology and resulting globalization, more and more businesses are going mobile. The days of physical business outlets are diminishing. Anyone with a laptop, a tablet and a mobile phone can now start a business without the need to rent premises.

Small businesses in Utah are also taking it to the next level. However, the competition is getting tougher by the minute. Almost all of your customers have a mobile phone and prefer online shopping over brick-and-mortar sales.

To keep abreast with the latest technological changes and obtain a competitive edge, your business needs a responsive website. Responsive web designing involves creating a sit or a system that varies according to the size of the viewer’s screen.

Having a responsive website means that your business is easily accessible by viewers, whether they’re using a desktop computer, laptop, palmtop, tablet or even a mobile device. This gives you a number of benefits over your non-responsive competitors, some of which are listed below:

Wider Outreach

Responsive website prevents your data traffic from reverting to another website, especially when they access your web content from their smart phone. This mobile-friendly feature helps you reach out to and connect with a wider audience base and substantially improve your web traffic. With the rising sale of tablets and smart phones, responsive website is even more important now.

More Sales

Responsiveness improves the website experience enjoyed by your users. The use of Style Sheets (CSS) prevents your traffic from redirecting. A consistent look is maintained throughout your website. This will have a positive impact on your conversion rate as easy navigation will help website viewers search up what they are looking for. This eventually leads to more sales for your business.

Easy Consolidation

Web design in Utah is focused on providing a single responsive website for businesses that helps business owners track user journeys and funnels and conversion paths. Google Analytics and other site analytic tools can handle multiple devices and provide responsive reporting. Your online tracking and analytics will be condensed in to a consolidated report, which will enable easy monitoring of all web traffic.

Increase Visibility

Responsive web design allows you to easily manage your website with a set of hypertext links. This reduces your average time spent on website maintenance. This allows you to spend more time on developing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies and establish a global online presence. Furthermore, the Google search engine algorithm has recently been upgraded to improve the ranking of responsive websites on its search results. This means that the more responsive your website is, the higher Google Search ranking your business can enjoy.

Offline Browsing

Responsive website design allows you to deliver quality content to audiences all around the globe. You can also benefit from the offline browsing capabilities offered by HTML 5, if you have a responsive web design. All important communications can easily be made, without the use of internet.

To learn more about the benefits of having a responsive website, contact the best web design services in Utah today! ThatWorks! Design 801-742-1398


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10 Ways Small Businesses in Utah can Standout Online

online marketingStarting a new business can be quite a challenge. In the dominant world of internet and global connectivity, survival and growth for any business is contingent on a strong cyberspace presence. This means creating a responsive website with quality content, spending on PPC advertisement and investing in SEO maximization strategies.

In Utah, new and emerging businesses face the same dilemma; whether to invest in robust online marketing strategies or to implement cost-saving incentives to achieve break-even. Here are ten ways through which small businesses in Utah can standout online, without draining their marketing budget:

Determine your Value Proposition

Ask yourself the fundamental question as to what sets your business apart. What truly sets you apart from your competitors and how can you cash in on that? Most of the Utah small businesses already have a unique selling proposition, but lack the essential tools to attract customers.

Find out the X-Factor

After some introspect, the next step involves converting your value proposition into your brand, i.e. exploring ways on how to attract customers and leads using your value proposition. This value adding activity needs some investing. Evaluate all brand management and promotion options here, including online promotion, quality Utah web design and blog writing services.

Add Value

Your unique proposition is useless if it does not involve value addition. Think about it as a customer; why would you want to buy a product that does not offer any real benefit or that is no different from several other similar products available in the market? This means that you should add value to your products and services, consider price skimming or penetration mechanisms or explore marketing gimmicks (such as offering free samples).

Invest in the Best

Develop a responsive website that communicates your business’s mission, philosophy and value-added services. Place your money on the best Utah website design company. A website with interactive graphics and pictures and quality text is sure to entice viewers and redirect more and more web traffic towards your site.

Develop your Brand

Many small businesses do not take off because they fail to develop their own unique brand. Branding is not just about a unique and attractive logo. It serves as a constant reminder of why your organization exists, who are your key customers and how you can serve them better. It is best to consult a brand management company for this purpose.

Consider Business Cards

When you think about it, your business cards communicate more than just your position in the business. Such cards are an extension of your business. Experiment with creativity when designing your business cards and they are likely to leave a lasting impression on your customers. You can even display your cards on your website under the “Meet Our Team” section.

Blogging is the Key

Small businesses often ignore the importance of a well-written blog post and how it can revolutionize any business. Effective and budget-friendly, blogs go a long way in setting a business apart from its competitors. Even if they don’t go viral, your blogs are still an excellent way to communicate with your customers and to entice brand enthusiasm in them.

PPC, AdWords and Google Grants

If you haven’t heard of any of these three terms, then you are missing out on a gold mine! PPC advertisements promote your brand name and products across all search engine results. An ad with a high quality score leads to higher CTRs, conversion rates and, eventually, more customers while establishing your business as an online force to be reckoned with. If you’re running a charitable small scale business, then do check out Google Grants and how they can help.

Be an Expert

Even with a responsive website and the works, there are no guarantees as to click rates and conversions if you’re not an expert in your field of business. As a business owner, you should know your industry inside out to make your website as credible and authentic as possible. Remember; credibility leads to trust leads to more customers’ leads to increasing revenues.

Be Different

When it comes to online marketing, don’t just go with the flow. Try new ideas. Be creative. Be original. Come up with good punch lines. Redefine the rules and norms of your industry. Give back to the community. Do whatever it takes to reach out and connect with your clients on an emotional level. Let an experienced branding and marketing company with complete knowledge of web design in Utah help you out!


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Does My Small Business Need a Professional Website Developer?

marketingThere is no denying it, you can do it yourself using an online site building service, you can install site building software like Dreamweaver, or you can find a tech savvy friend to do it for cheap or maybe even for free. Why then, with all of these options, would a business consider hiring a professional website developer? One of the top priorities of any business is to move potential customers in the direction of knowing and trusting you right from the start. Your website is often the first interaction customers have with your business and it's one of the most powerful tools available for reaching potential customers. Yet so many business owners never realize the benefits of getting professional help with their website.

"The good news is that the majority of your competition will simply go for the bargain and leave it at that. They will hire an average web designer or build their website themselves."


In this article I will offer my top 3 reasons to consider hiring a professional web developer, I'll explore why so many businesses choose not to hire one, and I'll tell you how you can benefit from this cosmic twist of fate.

Top 3 Reasons to consider hiring a professional web developer.

1. Return on investment

I put this reason at the top of the list because I think very often these are the types of questions first in a business owner's mind when they consider hiring a professional for anything, not just web design. "How much will this cost? How long will it take? Can I save money by doing it myself or by finding the cheapest option?" Most people see a website as nothing more than a sign or business card on the internet, they pay someone to put it up and the job's done. So it seems to make sense that if you can put the sign up yourself or get it done super cheap, so much the better right? Wrong! Your website is your gateway to reaching more potential customers than you could any other way (without a big budget). The internet is the most powerful marketing tool there is for businesses of any size.

It allows you to create a dialogue with your customers and engage with them on a more personal level. Your website can build you an audience of people that want to hear from you! Your website is not just a sales soliloquy that you hastily post on the internet. You don't want to just throw it together, throw it up when you think it's finished, throw your hands up, and hope for the best. Yet most small businesses do just that. If you build your website yourself, the bottom line is that you will most likely spend far more time with far fewer results than if you hired a professional. Most people don't realize just how much work it takes to get an effective business website from concept and planning to running, looking good, and performing well on PCs, Macs, mobile devices, and the plethora of web browsers that run on each of them.

The point is, it takes time to build a website, even if you're using the most amazing online site builder ever made, it's going to take time. There are only so many hours in a day and as a business owner, you want to be doing what you do best, not making websites. Wouldn't you be much better off spending time working on your business than on learning a skill you will rarely use? An investment in your website is an investment in your business. Don't short yourself.

2. It's not just a website, it's your business! - SEO and Social Networks

Building an effective online presence goes far beyond just building a website. Good quality content that helps someone in some way is by far the best way to reach more people, increase traffic, and grow your business. Your information must also be easy to find ( SEO ) and you've got to have a presence on social networking sites if you want to stay in touch with today's market. All of this takes time and if you build your website all by yourself, you're in for some long hours at the computer. If you don't do it, your most important customers may never find you. A business website is not just about a stylish design and adding some meta keywords for the search engines anymore. Google hasn't used meta keywords for years and search engines are continuously advancing in their ability to find websites with good, useful, relevant content. Any professional web designer worth their salt will have a solid working knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO) and how to lay your website out in a clear and concise way that's easy to read for both people and search engines. SEO is an entire field of information in itself and if you build your website yourself, you'll most likely spend enough time getting your site online without having to learn SEO and all of its intricate, "money making" secrets.

If instead you hire the cheapest web designer you can find, you're likely to get nothing more than a website and an "all in one" SEO plugin or some other quick solution. Social networking is another aspect of web design that cannot be ignored. So you've made a website, but is it connected to your social networking sites? Have you setup your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages to match the style and information on your business website? If you want to have a consistent, professional brand online, your social networking profiles should look sharp and consistent. It can take hours to go in and setup profiles on multiple social websites each with pictures, videos, and other information to fill in. Hours you could be spending on more important things, like running your business. The point is it's not just your website, it's your whole business and what people are saying about it online! Invest accordingly.

3. Branding

Making a good first impression is a critical factor to success and your website is often the first interaction between a potential customer and your business. If even the smallest thing about your website is off, missing, or poorly executed, you may be creating a bad first impression and driving away potential customers. Even if your website works great, if it's not easy to grasp quickly, your potential customers may get confused and leave. If your site is not optimized to be found in search engines, they may never even know you exist. These days consumers are more tech savvy than ever. If you skimp on your website, people will be able to tell. Some may not know why they don't like your website, but they'll leave and go looking for your competition just the same. How do you think a cheap website will reflect on your brand? Would you take a business seriously if their website was built using an online site builder or if it looked hastily thrown together? If you want to make a good impression, make the commitment to invest in a quality, professional web design and give your potential customers something to be excited about!

How you can benefit

The good news is that the majority of your competition will simply go for the bargain and leave it at that. They will hire an average web designer or build their website themselves. They will inevitably suffer the same dismal results as everyone else who fails to realize the value of an effective website design. Very few of your competitors will be willing to invest what is necessary for success. If you do, you can win. This does not mean you need to have a huge budget and hire a big design team to succeed. It just means that if you're willing to go beyond the norm and invest in a professional web design, you'll be well ahead of the game.



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