10 Ways Small Businesses in Utah can Standout Online

online marketingStarting a new business can be quite a challenge. In the dominant world of internet and global connectivity, survival and growth for any business is contingent on a strong cyberspace presence. This means creating a responsive website with quality content, spending on PPC advertisement and investing in SEO maximization strategies.

In Utah, new and emerging businesses face the same dilemma; whether to invest in robust online marketing strategies or to implement cost-saving incentives to achieve break-even. Here are ten ways through which small businesses in Utah can standout online, without draining their marketing budget:

Determine your Value Proposition

Ask yourself the fundamental question as to what sets your business apart. What truly sets you apart from your competitors and how can you cash in on that? Most of the Utah small businesses already have a unique selling proposition, but lack the essential tools to attract customers.

Find out the X-Factor

After some introspect, the next step involves converting your value proposition into your brand, i.e. exploring ways on how to attract customers and leads using your value proposition. This value adding activity needs some investing. Evaluate all brand management and promotion options here, including online promotion, quality Utah web design and blog writing services.

Add Value

Your unique proposition is useless if it does not involve value addition. Think about it as a customer; why would you want to buy a product that does not offer any real benefit or that is no different from several other similar products available in the market? This means that you should add value to your products and services, consider price skimming or penetration mechanisms or explore marketing gimmicks (such as offering free samples).

Invest in the Best

Develop a responsive website that communicates your business’s mission, philosophy and value-added services. Place your money on the best Utah website design company. A website with interactive graphics and pictures and quality text is sure to entice viewers and redirect more and more web traffic towards your site.

Develop your Brand

Many small businesses do not take off because they fail to develop their own unique brand. Branding is not just about a unique and attractive logo. It serves as a constant reminder of why your organization exists, who are your key customers and how you can serve them better. It is best to consult a brand management company for this purpose.

Consider Business Cards

When you think about it, your business cards communicate more than just your position in the business. Such cards are an extension of your business. Experiment with creativity when designing your business cards and they are likely to leave a lasting impression on your customers. You can even display your cards on your website under the “Meet Our Team” section.

Blogging is the Key

Small businesses often ignore the importance of a well-written blog post and how it can revolutionize any business. Effective and budget-friendly, blogs go a long way in setting a business apart from its competitors. Even if they don’t go viral, your blogs are still an excellent way to communicate with your customers and to entice brand enthusiasm in them.

PPC, AdWords and Google Grants

If you haven’t heard of any of these three terms, then you are missing out on a gold mine! PPC advertisements promote your brand name and products across all search engine results. An ad with a high quality score leads to higher CTRs, conversion rates and, eventually, more customers while establishing your business as an online force to be reckoned with. If you’re running a charitable small scale business, then do check out Google Grants and how they can help.

Be an Expert

Even with a responsive website and the works, there are no guarantees as to click rates and conversions if you’re not an expert in your field of business. As a business owner, you should know your industry inside out to make your website as credible and authentic as possible. Remember; credibility leads to trust leads to more customers’ leads to increasing revenues.

Be Different

When it comes to online marketing, don’t just go with the flow. Try new ideas. Be creative. Be original. Come up with good punch lines. Redefine the rules and norms of your industry. Give back to the community. Do whatever it takes to reach out and connect with your clients on an emotional level. Let an experienced branding and marketing company with complete knowledge of web design in Utah help you out!

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